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Planck 2013 results
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Planck 2013 results. XXX. Cosmic infrared background measurements and implications for star formation

A&A, 571 (2014) A30
Published online: 29 October 2014
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1051/0004-6361/201322093
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    Volume 605 (September 2017)(current volume)

    (1) Metallicity and mass effects on stellar granulation (Corsaro, E., et al., 605, A3)
    (2) Fullerene emission in the diffuse interstellar medium (Berné, O., et al., 605, L1)
    (3) Grain growth in star-forming globule B207 (LDN 1489) (Togi, A., et al., 605, A99)
    (4) ALMA's view of a massive stellar wind shaped by a companion (Ramstedt, S., et al., 2017, A&A, 605, A126)

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    Volume 604 (August 2017)

    (1) Clusters of hot cores in SgrB2 revealed with ALMA (Sánchez-Monge, Á., et al., 604, A6)
    (2) Obtaining the best column density estimates of our Galaxy (Abreu-Vicente, J., et al., 604, A65)
    (3) Radial velocity in the interior of a young Sun (Pratt, J., et al., 604, A125)
    (4) Multi-wavelength view of ALMA detected galaxies (Laporte, N., et al., 604, A132)

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    Volume 603 (July 2017)

    (1) Differential rotation from oscillations in KIC 6116048 (Nielsen, M. B., et al, 603, A6)
    (2) 3-D joule heating events in a solar MHD simulation (Kanella, C., & Gudiksen, B. V., 603, A83)
    (3) Organic molecules in UV-irradiated gas (the Orion Bar) (Cuadrado, S., et al., 603, A124)
    (4) Formation of COMs through the HNO+ CH2CHOH2+ reaction (Redondo, P., et al., 603, A139)

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    Volume 602 (June 2017)

    (1) Radio image of a part of the COSMOS field with the VLA overlayed (VLA image courtesy of NRAO/AUI) (Smolčić, V., et al., 602, A1)
    (2) Spitzer and PdBI views of the Cep E outflow (Gusdorf, A., et al., 602, A8)
    (3) Halpha image of the jet in the symbiotic binary R Aqr (Schmid, H. M., et al., 602, A53)
    (4) First light for GRAVITY at the ESO VLTI (GRAVITY Collaboration, 602, A94)