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  • 21 0 Traages whic//EN">achmlt" cltor).tu-m chmlt" cldiv 8 (2017) 598, srca> Angular momentu linear approximation of seismic inversions for various s structural pairs']);"> rticles"> -key=10."l>p>Previc" cl l" title=-key=10-1"none" oi.outhenticate/?tasor/?0004-6361/201629485">Recommend t2017)n=1cles" stylt="M. > c="eup>, Previc" cl l" title=-key=10-2"none" oi.outhenticate/?tasor/?0004-6361/201629485">Recommend t2017)n=2cles" stylt="M. > 2="eup>n"> Previc" cl l" title=-key=10-3"none" oi.outhenticate/?tasor/?0004-6361/201629485">Recommend t2017)n=3cles" stylt="M. >> c="eup>/divlass="nap>c="eup> Astrophysi’ et Géophysique dél’Universit’e Liège,éllée è 2="eup>natoire de Paris, PSL Research University, CNRS, Sorbonne Universités, UPMC Unié Paris 06, Univ. Paris Diderot, Sorbonne Paris Cité, 5 place Jées Janssen, 92195 Meudon Cedex, , France"> Previco-s ico/oldn>Receo me: Subscri5 Augustmg s6
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  • i/>Tha space-based photometry missions CoRoT and <i>Keplli>gt;, wfit from a wealth of seismic data for stars other than the sun. In the future, K2, Tess, and <i>Platli>gt;wilnt this data and provide observations in addition to those already at hand. The availability of this data leads to questions on how it is feasible to extend kernel-based, linear structural inversion techniques to stars other than the sun. Linked to the inversion problem is the question of the validity of the linear assumption. In this study, we analyse the limitations of this assumption with respect to changes of structural variables.<i>Aims gt;We ovide a more extended theoretical background to structural linear inversions by doing a study of the validity of the linear assumption for various structural variables. We thus point towards limitations in inversion techniques in the asteroseismic and helioseismic cases.<i>Meth i/>Firall the origins of the linear assumption for structural stellar inversions and explain its importance for asteroseismic studies. We also briefly recall the impact of unknown structural quantities such as the mass and the radius of the star on structural inversion results. We then explain how kernels for new structural variables can be derived using two methods, one suited to asteroseismic targets, the other to helioseismic targets. For this second method, we present a new structural pair, namely the (<i>Ae"title">Mendelsi dat-macle<(li>g,Y) class="rnels. The kernels are then tested in various numerical experiments that enable us to evaluate the weaknesses of different structural pairs and the domains of validity of their respective linear regime.<i>Resu i/>The sests we carry out allow us to disentangle the impact of various uncertainties in stellar models on the verification of the linear integral relations. We show the importance of metallicity, the impact of the equation of state, extra-mixing, and inaccuracies in the microphysics on the verification of these relations. We also discuss the limitations of the method of conjugated functions due to the lack of extremely precise determinations of masses or radii in the asteroseismic context."> rticles"> k="ast>divleevico-s ico/oldn>Key t="As: Subscriors"> © dkeybiv>< ="#searche"> dkeybiv-href"ass="fclass=-Uni">Cbstracangom_ali>
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