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    p>from a near-infrared multi-epoch spectroscopic campaign to detect a young low-mass companion to a T Tauri star. AS 205A is a late-type dwarf (≈K5) of ~1 <i&thent subs">≈iber AuM<i/thent subs">~iber Au1/thent subs">M⊙ibeub>iber Au riple system. Independent photometric surveys discovered that AS 205A has two distinct periods (<i>P<i/>thent subs">P1ibeub>t;P<iber Au metathent subs">P2ibeub>t;Palysiiber Au he light curve that persist over several years. Period <i>P<i/>thent subs">P1ibeub>iber Au to the axial-rotation of the star and is caused by the presence of cool surface spots. Period <i>P<i/>thent subs">P2ibeub>iber Au the modulation in AS 205A brightness (V) and red color (V-R), consistent with a gravitating object within the accretion disk. We here derive precise near-infrared radial velocities to investigate the origin of period <i>P<i/>thent subs">P2ibeub>iber Au to correspond to a cool source in a Keplerian orbit with a semi-major axis of ~0.17 AU positionedthent subs">~iber Auclose to the inner disk radius of 0.14 AU. The radial velocity variations of AS 205A were found to have a period of <i>P<i/>thent subs">PP2ibeub>iber Au ometric observations (<i>P<i/>thent subs">Pm2ibeub>iber Au sin thent subs">i≃t;i/>MJupibeub>iber Au with moderate eccentricity of <i>e<i/>thent subs">e "> Currndaeng m(<s dbuttour vss="clete/div> <"metli/ - com(<s-alm>
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